Put your hands together runners! Lets give the sponsoring partners of Explore Your Backyard a big round of applause. Thank you for helping us put together a kick ass trail race.

來來來!大家一起來為今年 Explore Your Backyard的贊助夥伴大力鼓掌! 有了這些廠商,我們才能舉辦優質的越野賽事。


Redpoint Brewing Company was founded by Doug Pierce and Spencer Jemelka, two American brewers who have been living in Taiwan and Asia for over a combined 20 years. We felt the Taiwan drinking population deserved a freshly brewed, American-style craft beer choice. Our mission is to bring American beer culture to Asia and brew American-style, high-quality, fresh craft beer.

Doug Pierce和Spencer Jemelka這兩位來自美國的釀酒師,在台灣和亞洲定居時間加起來超過二十多年,兩人於期間攜手打造了紅點手工鮮釀啤酒公司。他們希望台灣的酒界饕客有機會一嚐新鮮釀造的美式啤酒,因此立下將美國啤酒文化帶到亞洲的使命,並釀造出品質一流的美國現釀鮮啤酒。​

Organizer – Runivore

RUNIVORE is a Taiwan based nutrition company started by three regular dudes turned ultra-runners who weren’t satisfied with their nutrition options and decided to make their own. Runivore offers supplements created with natural superfoods that are effective and delicious. Endurance sports bring a sense of happiness and fulfillment, and so should the foods we eat for everyday training and races.


Co-Organizing Partner – Beast Runners

In the last few years, this group of elite trail runners have become famous for hosting some of the most challenging and fun trail running events around the beautiful island of Taiwan. The races include: Run Through The Jungle, Beast Trail, De Loop, Formosa Trail, and Ultra Maokong.



Altra is a Top 10 running specialty running brand. We are the only running shoe company to provide a complete line of footwear with a FootShape™ toe box and Zero Drop™ platform. Our innovative footwear allows your foot to remain in a comfort, natural position throughout your run and let you run the way you were born to. Give your run what it’s been missing and the freedom your feet deserve with Altra Footwear.

創始人Golden Harper在為跑者分析跑姿時發現,傳統足跟差跑鞋會使跑者腳部著地時受到較大衝擊力,而赤足跑則能在一定程度上使跑姿得到改善。這一發現便是Altra跑鞋核心技術Zero Drop鞋底的基礎。2009年Altra公司成立,致力於開發出最能順應本能,讓跑者自由奔跑的跑鞋。2011年,跑鞋產品正式問世之後,旗下的Instinct跑鞋獲得了《跑者世界》2012年最佳新品獎。此後,Altra的跑鞋屢獲國際大獎,而在諸如西部州100等越野大賽中,Altra也大獲佳績,受到專業跑者和跑步愛好者的青睞。