2021 Explore Your Backyard Postponed to April 30, 2022

Dear Explore Your Backyard 2021 Participants,

Due to the continued Covid-19 situation we have decided to postpone the Explore Your Backyard 2021 Edition. We simply don’t have enough certainty that the race will be allowed to continue, furthermore we want to ensure we can deliver a true EYB experience and that simply won’t be possible with the shadow of Covid-19 hanging over us.
The new proposed date is Saturday, April 30th, 2022. Same location: Tucheng, New Taipei City.


We understand that due to these circumstances, some of you may not be able to attend the event and may wish to cancel your registration. We’ve prepared a form so you can let us know your decision.

NOTE: Please let us know your decision by September 12 if you wish to cancel your registration, if we don’t hear back from you, your registration will be transferred to the new date.

注意⚠️如要取消請在9/12 前填完問卷表格!如果逾期我們將視為你願意接受延期並繼續參加明年的比賽

Please follow the link at the bottom of this email to select one of the following options:

  1. Keep your registration for the new date.
  2. Cancel your registration and receive a refund. Please note that there will be a 100 NTD fee per participant to cover the transfer and administrative fees. Payments will be made before September 30th.

Explore Your Backyard Postponement/Cancellation Form:


[Explore Your Backyard Postponement/Cancellation Form]

We appreciate your understanding, and hope to see you in April.

Remember to stay safe and stay fit – Explore Your Backyard Team



Please note, the safety announcement from last year still holds true for our 2021 event.




  1. 禁止任何海外人員參加活動。本賽事已經聯繫了台灣以外的參加者,將其今年的參賽權順延至明年的「2021探索你的後花園」。
  2. 若參加者在活動的前14天內有到過被認定為2級或3級旅遊警戒的國家或地區,禁止參與本賽事,並依規定向政府通報相關人員。
  3. 禁止當天額溫高達37.5度或以上的人員參加本賽事。
  4. 建議活動當天不要有家人或親友陪同。


  1. 參加者和工作人員在領取裝備時應配戴口罩。
  2. 參加者領取裝備前應先使用本賽事提供的消毒劑進行手部殺菌。
  3. 參加者應儘量在非高峰時間(午餐或傍晚)領取裝備,以避免人員的密集接觸。
  4. 參加者應攜帶簽好名的免責聲明書(下載網址:www.event.beast.run/waiver)


1.   在比賽開始前的一週,所有參賽者、工作人員和志願者必須進行自我觀察,如果發現類似感冒的症狀應留在家中。

2.   所有乘坐公共交通工具參加活動的參加者必須沿途佩戴口罩。

3.   所有參加者在進入會場之前都會進行額溫測量,任何達到37.5度或以上的人員將禁止進入會場。

4.   所有參加者進入會場後應立即洗手或使用消毒劑。

5.   建議不要與朋友握手,推薦使用瓦肯舉手禮(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vrXKlO2Jbw

6.   建議在比賽開始之前都配戴口罩,並保持其他參加者一定的距離。

賽事期間 – 檢查站

1.   建議參賽者自備水和補給品。

2.   加水站只能由配戴口罩和手套的工作人員操作。

3.   補給品將採取能量棒和整個水果的形式,以最大程度減少人與食物的交互。

4.   檢查站設備將定時消毒。

5.   時間紀錄使用錄影和RFID完成,不會透過觸摸晶片。

賽後 – 比賽場地

1.   所有參賽者都將收到比賽後的小禮包,其中包括獎牌,完賽禮和點心,主辦單位人員不會將獎牌掛在參賽者身上。

2.   最後的時間紀錄將透過RFID和備份資料來完成,不會觸碰到參賽者。

3.   活動結束後,所有參賽者均應立即洗手或消毒雙手。

4.   建議不要在活動結束後逗留賽場。



Explore Your Backyard and COVID-19

We understand and share the concerns of people around the world and specifically in Taiwan regarding the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. We are committed to the health and well-being of all of our participants and their families. 

We also recognize that the situation is dynamic and evolves each day. To the greatest extent possible, Explore Your Backyard will be implementing the following preventive measures and controls to ensure the health and safety of our runners, race volunteers, and staff. This plan has been put in place in accordance with the guidelines published by the Center of Disease Control Taiwan with regards to large gatherings. 

We continue to monitor the events on the ground and reserve the right to further modify these plans and if necessary take action that’s in-line with the health and safety of all involved. 


Participant Restrictions

The following rules and restrictions are being applied to the participants, staff, and volunteers for the event.

  • No overseas participants are allowed to participate in the event. We’ve contacted participants from outside of Taiwan and have canceled their participation in this year’s event with a rollover option to participate in the next Explore Your Backyard event. 
  • No one who has traveled overseas to any of the countries identified as Level 2 or Level 3 threat within 14 days of the event are able to participate in the event. We will report any participants to the authorities who attempt to participate in the event despite having recently traveled to a threat area. 
  • No one who is shown to have a temperature reading of 37.5 forehead reading or higher will be allowed to participate in the event. 
  • We recommend runners do not bring family members to the event. 

Race Pack Pickup

  • Participants and staff will wear masks during pack pickup. 
  • Participants should use the provided sanitizer prior to picking up their pack. 
  • Participants should try and come for pickup during non-peak hours (lunch or late evening) so that we try to keep congestion to a minimum. 
  • The finisher gift and medal will be included in the race pack at the time of pickup.
  • Participants should bring a signed entry disclaimer: www.event.beast.run/waiver

Before Race (before entry to venue)

  • In the week prior to race start, all race participants, staff and volunteers must conduct self observation and if show any flu like symptoms should stay home. 
  • All participants taking public transportation and buses to the event must wear masks on the way to the event. 
  • Everyone participating in the event will have their temperature measured prior to entering the venue. No one who is shown to have a temperature reading of 37.5 forehead reading or higher will be allowed to participate in the event. 
  • All participants should wash their hands or use sanitizer immediately after entering the venue. 
  • It is recommend not to shake hands with friends (Use Vulcan salute instead, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vrXKlO2Jbw)
  • It is recommend to wear a face mask before the race starts and keep distance between participants. It’s a long race there will be time to catch up to the leaders. 

During The Run – Checkpoints

  • It is recommended for runners to bring their own water supply and energy supply for the event. 
  • The water refilling stations will only be operated by dedicated servers wearing masks and gloves. 
  • Energy supplies will take the form of energy bars and whole fruit to minimize interaction with the food. 
  • Food serving stations will be sanitized often. 
  • Timing will not be done by touching chips, it will be done visually and through the use of RFID. 
  • All runners must wear their bib on the front. It must be clearly visible for visual inspection. Runners should slow down at time checkpoints and especially at the finish line. 

After the Run – Venue

  • All runners will receive a post-race packet with their medal, finisher gift and snack already packed. Organizers will not be placing medals on individual runners. 
  • Timing at the finish will be done via RFID and by writing for backup. No touching of runners. 
  • All runners should wash and or sanitize their hands immediately after the event. 
  • It is recommended not to linger after the event. 

Non-eligible or Non-running Participants

For those participants who choose not to participate in the event, or who have been disallowed to participate due to travel restrictions, they will be eligible to pick up their race pack including post race gift during packet pickup.