Put your hands together runners! Lets give the sponsoring partners of Explore Your Backyard a big round of applause. Thank you for helping us put together a kick ass trail race.

來來來!大家一起來為今年 Explore Your Backyard的贊助夥伴大力鼓掌! 有了這些廠商,我們才能舉辦優質的越野賽事。

Presenting Partner – XTERRA Taiwan

From a one-off race held on the most remote island chain in the world, XTERRA evolved into an endurance sports lifestyle brand with worldwide appeal. Over the past 24 years XTERRA transcended its status as ‘just a race’ to become a bona fide way of life for thousands of intrepid triathletes and trail runners across the globe.

XTERRA是全球越野系列賽事的領導品牌,每年於夏威夷舉辦的世錦賽是越野三項的最高殿堂。XTERRA 越野精神是一種生活方式,透過不斷的挑戰,發現最好的自己。 Live. More.

Organizer – Runivore

RUNIVORE is a Taiwan based nutrition company started by three regular dudes turned ultra-runners who weren’t satisfied with their nutrition options and decided to make their own. Runivore offers supplements created with natural superfoods that are effective and delicious. Endurance sports bring a sense of happiness and fulfillment, and so should the foods we eat for everyday training and races.


Co-Organizing Partner – Beast Runners

In the last few years, this group of elite trail runners have become famous for hosting some of the most challenging and fun trail running events around the beautiful island of Taiwan. The races include: Run Through The Jungle, Beast Trail, De Loop, Formosa Trail, and Ultra Maokong.



Altra is a Top 10 running specialty running brand. We are the only running shoe company to provide a complete line of footwear with a FootShape™ toe box and Zero Drop™ platform. Our innovative footwear allows your foot to remain in a comfort, natural position throughout your run and let you run the way you were born to. Give your run what it’s been missing and the freedom your feet deserve with Altra Footwear.

創始人Golden Harper在為跑者分析跑姿時發現,傳統足跟差跑鞋會使跑者腳部著地時受到較大衝擊力,而赤足跑則能在一定程度上使跑姿得到改善。這一發現便是Altra跑鞋核心技術Zero Drop鞋底的基礎。2009年Altra公司成立,致力於開發出最能順應本能,讓跑者自由奔跑的跑鞋。2011年,跑鞋產品正式問世之後,旗下的Instinct跑鞋獲得了《跑者世界》2012年最佳新品獎。此後,Altra的跑鞋屢獲國際大獎,而在諸如西部州100等越野大賽中,Altra也大獲佳績,受到專業跑者和跑步愛好者的青睞。

Ultimate Direction

Water is the essential element for peak training, racing and performance. At Ultimate Direction, our employees and sponsored athletes know this first hand. That’s why we craft the best hydration products to keep you on the move. Ultimate Direction doesn’t just sponsor athletes, we partner with them to design the best products for the most inspiring projects and events all over the world.

為最艱難的賽事,設計最佳的裝備,只有UD能做到! Ultimate Direction在1985年發明了水袋(壺)系列商品,設計了第一個能攜帶水壺的腰包,第一個結合了水壺與織帶的手持式系統,第一個專為女性跑者設計的水袋背心,時至今日,UD仍持續地位跑者帶來各式創新,設計起念來自於世界傑出的選手,為熱愛越野的您準備最適合的裝備。在過去的32年間,UD努力成為越野界的品牌領導者,更成功地將背心的概念結合水袋(壺),使得長距離越野時方便攜帶足夠的補給、衣物及裝備,這項驚人的創新重新定位越野環境中水袋(壺)的存在,也深受跑者喜愛。


Founded in 1976, Decathlon is a French brand that provides the most comprehensive range of sports, and at the most affordable prices, to meet the needs of beginners to professional sports enthusiasts. Decathlon is the world’s largest sports goods retailer in more than 2000 stores in 30 countries all around the world. And Decathlon owns 20+ sports brands covering 60 sports and 35,000 products. From the public to the niche, from the initial stage to the professional products, every customer can easily enjoy the fun of sports. “We Make Sports Accessible for the Many” is the vision of Decathlon.

成立於1976年的迪卡儂音譯自「Decathlon」十項全能的意思,旨在提供最全面的運動種類,並以最實惠的價格,讓初學至專業運動愛好者一次滿足。迪卡儂遍及21個國家、全球超過900家門市、為全球最大運動用品零售商。且迪卡儂擁有並銷售二十個自有運動品牌,涵蓋 60 種運動項目及三萬五千種產品。從大眾到小眾的運動,從初階到專業的產品,應有盡有,讓每位顧客都能輕易享受到運動帶來的樂趣。 讓運動觸手可及,是迪卡儂的願景,歡迎對運動有興趣的你,一起來迪卡儂享受專業服務和商品,打造出屬於自己美好的運動時光!


Every day is different. Every road is unique. Every moment is a new challenge. At BUFF® we are certain that evolution is the only way to go forward. The road keeps changing and we are ready for it. Anywhere and anytime. The road is always ahead, but the paths must be always chosen. We choose always challenge and challenge means change. From neck to head, our neck accessories received brand new members to the family, and hats were here to stay. We believe in change and we stick to our values. We keep designing from our soul, we live every second of every product and we want to help you enjoying life even more.

1992 年正式亮相以來,BUFF®致力於以不斷推進的設計和科技,鼓勵人們享受不設限的戶外生活。面對氣候隱憂,BUFF®提供UPF50+防曬係數、Polygiene抗菌防臭處理、排汗涼感材質等多元機能性,幫助你保持舒爽,釋放熱情。BUFF®近年以優異的紡織技術及頭巾經驗為核心,積極延伸更全面的跑步商品,帶來舒適服貼的包覆感受。專為戶外跑設計的商品囊括頭巾、頭帶、針織帽、跑帽等不同品項,透氣設計及反光元素無論白天黑夜都能提升安全性;豐富熱情的色彩選擇,更能動力全開跑出樂趣。


Since 1989, CamelBak has been committed to forever changing the way people hydrate and perform. We pioneered hands-free hydration and introduced the first BPA-free bottles to the world. We crave challenge and answer with innovation. Our passion and love for the outdoors is unchanged. We are deeply committed to the individuals and communities we serve and we proudly partner with organizations to promote the enjoyment of the outdoors.

CamelBak品牌名稱,源自於英文camel (駱駝) 及back (背) 的諧音,意即如沙漠之舟駱駝般,將水背負於身上。在二十多年前,以全新「背負式水袋」的設計,震撼了整個戶外用品界(水袋的始祖)。專利「免持飲水系統」與「吸管咬嘴」,將喝水這件事變得簡單且自然。不管運動多麼激烈,都可以迅速補充最純淨的水份。


BQ was founded in 2014 and our mission is to inspire individuals and communities to RISE TOGETHER to create a better world. We share this mission by providing the best health and fitness related products, apparel, and services to our customers who share our belief. A percentage of BQ’s profits are contributed to charities locally and globally. Our desire is to make an impact on a personal and global level. Almost everybody can be in a better place physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to become whole again and healthy. In return, we can contribute back and make this a better world for not just ourselves, but for everyone.

預防運動傷害專家,讓你快速感受肌肉恢復到原來狀態,為職業選手與運動愛好者解決運動之路上的疑難雜症,提供最好的運動前、中、後不同的保養秘器,隨時為下一次賽事做好準備。100%身體恢復的關鍵在於代謝能力,BQ 嚴選歐美先進預防運動傷害物理治療產品,適合每一位熱愛戶外跑步、健身、三鐵運動、自行車、登山、攀岩、甚至極限運動者。